About Us

Maa-Kal Boutique Canada originated when my mother and I felt the need to share our creations with other home decor lovers. We have always loved home decoration and interior design for as long as I can remember. Years ago, my mother succeeded at transferring her love for home design and beautiful spaces to me. We bonded over our favorite shows on HGTV. As we moved a lot throughout the years due to my mom’s career, we always had to redecorate our home. We quickly realized that finding original quality pillow covers that were ethically made was a challenge.

We want to provide an eclectic mix of high-quality pieces that will add warmth and color to your home. Our goal is to craft collections that compliment all the corners in your home. Each of our designs is created to add joy, excitement and authenticity to your home. We believe that home decor style is in the details. A beautiful pillow can effortlessly enhance your living room or bedroom more than you think.  We love to draw inspirations from diverse range of styles because home decor is an ever changing and never-ending project for most of us. We hope that our pieces will make you and your loved ones smile.